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The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution….A Vibrant Younger Looking New You

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Let me show you how InnerChi for Her can actually reverse the aging process…Product F133382-10-01

It’s this time of the year again, saying farewell to the old and ringing in the New Year…and most everyone I know begins to start setting their goals about this time…Fresh New Beginnings…and this is exactly what “New Genesis Connection” is all about…NEW BEGINNINGS…Refreshing, Revitalizing, Rebuilding, Repairing, New Start in Life….

Wouldn’t it be great to know that with a 90 day plan, with very little effort at all on your part…by just changing one thing in your life, you will begin to see yourself growing younger in the mirror every day….and yes, it comes in a bottle in the form of a “Revolutionary Patented Product” that will put you on the road to success in achieving that new radiant youthful look that you’ve been longing for and didn’t know how to achieve…

How does InnerChi for Her do this? Well, the reason is attributed to the special ingredient found exclusively in InnerChi called Equol….Have you ever noticed how Asian women never seem to age, but their hair and skin remains beautiful well up into their 60′s and 70′s…this is because of their biology and they are able to produce Equol in their bodies through an enzymatic reaction with the foods that they eat…Western women don’t have the ability to produce Equol…so we don’t retain our youthful appearance…but, InnerChi for Her contains this unique ingredient and now we can supplement with it and achieve the same results as Asian women have experienced for centuries…

Yes, you will begin to experience and see dramatic changes in your appearance…from more youthful looking skin, see wrinkles disappear, watch your hair get shiny and softer, see your eyelashes and nails grow longer and it will definitely balance out your hormones and was specifically designed to make menopausal symptoms become a thing of the past…

Everything that you want and have dreamed of in an anti-aging, age reversal product is here with InnerChi for Her….

Join me in the quest for the Fountain of Youth and an InnerChi New You….

Happy Holidays…..

Product F133382-10-01

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