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Find out What the TRUE MEANING OF AMERICA IS – You will be Amazed!

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Find out What the TRUE MEANING OF AMERICA IS – You will be Amazed!.


Author: newgenesisconnection

I'm a "Born Again Christian" a disciple of the truth and an Ordained Minister...I was baptized nearly 30 years ago and as my testimony, I can only say that I was very rebellious in every way...and then the day came after a periling experience at sea for over two weeks on a sailing experience where my life was in the balance, something reconciled in my spirit...Prior to my baptism, I wrestled with reading the Bible, didn't pray about anything and only thought about the pleasures and goals of every-day life...after my baptism, things began to change, and not of myself...It was like a switch was turned on...I couldn't stop reading the Bible and it became "Clear to Me"...things popped out of the words and I kept searching further...God lead me to topics that encouraged me to dig deeper into the Word...cross reference of subjects...without any effort on my part, all of a sudden, the entire Bible was covered...God is a Deep Passion...he reveals things to those who ASK...ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE...No one can understand the Bible without first accepting Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son as your Savior, who died to redeem you from this world and from your sins...Once you accept him, he gives you this gift, "HIS HOLY SPIRIT" He lives within you and his Spirit Speaks to Your Spirit and Leads you in all things...IT'S REAL MY FRIENDS...I'ts Supernatural... God Bless, In Jesus Name

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