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How God Answers Prayer when you Pour Yourself out & Press into HIM….



NancyThis morning I woke up to a post in my email that has settled my spirit…for two days now, I have been torn up emotionally over something personal going on in my life and it was driving me into a complete out of control tizzy….I realized that my direction and thoughts were so filled with this issue that I couldn’t even concentrate or focus to pray…and had to force myself into making that prayer effective and really concentrate and pour my heart out to God, and ask him that his will be done, not mine…

It’s only when I humble myself that I can then begin to feel God’s power take over in my life. When I put my own desires to the side, can I let him lead me and he brings others to my side to strengthen me and give me his Word and message as to where to follow…This is when he is also able to use the body of Christ to bring us all together closer.

As I was contemplating all of this, this morning, it brought me back to a memory some years back when I was raising horses in Illinois…It was always so exciting when a new foal was born…nothing more beautiful, sweet and innocent…from day one, when the colt was born, I would begin conditioning them and desensitizing them so that they would not resist me…then getting them used to wearing a halter…this is when the fun began is learning to break a horse to lead…

My first couple of foals were determined to not cooperate and a certain woman who got me involved in horses was a very abrupt aggressive personality and her way of getting a horse to lead was very harsh…It always turned into a tug of war and a battle of wills, where the colt was determined to stand it’s ground, all four feet planted out square with it’s head pulling back and me sliding toward him…We both had a workout.

It wasn’t until some woman came to my farm who raised horses as well and observed my predicament that everything changed immediately before my eyes...She demonstrated…put the lead line on the colt, turn your back to it and simply, WALK AWAY FROM IT, BUT LEAVE SLACK IN THE LINE.…From that moment on, all that happened was the colt followed me…

Listen for God’s small voice…and let him lead you in your lives…

God Bless, have a wonderful day and just keep listening…& NEVER FORGET,   “…PRAISE HIM IN ALL OF YOUR WAYS AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART…

I would like to give a special credit to the post of : Russ Francuzenko (Facebook)

“Warriors in Christ Should Be HUMBLE in HEART yet RELENTLESS in BATTLE!!!

My Lord is King, Victory Comes ONLY in Obedience to His Commands.
In, battle, He will let us know when to act and when to be still.
The POWER MUST BE HIS, not ours. When it begins to become ours we begin to get in the way of His Power.

When we start believing we are Powerful we put ourselves at risk of the Spirit of Pride. My King can place more into an Empty Vessel that one with something else in it. We fight the more dangerous things.Things that are not seen. The things that fuel and direct the evil in this World.

I am nobody except for Him. I am but Dust and will return to Dust.
My soul and Spirit are His.

I will back all this up with scripture when I can. You are welcome to help me.