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Is There a RAPTURE

The Harvest is Great but the Laborers Few

Over the past several decades there has been much discussion and dispute regarding the term RAPTURE…Actually, there is no such word in the Bible…This has been something that has made me wonder for many years…Rapture???? What??? Sounds like some horrific prehistoric dinosaur, quite a despicable hideous thought that crosses my mind every time I hear the term…

So, lets go to the Book of Revelation and see what the Apostle John was describing in his vision…In Revelation 7, it discusses that the angle holds back the four winds of the earth until twelve thousand out of each of the twelve tribes of Israel are sealed…then again in Revelation 9:4 a small mention is made of this group, that 144,000 are standing along with the Lamb on Mount Zion and are singing a “New Song”, that no man could learn except for the 144,000 that were redeemed from the earth…it would seem pretty clear that these 144,000 are a very special and select group of people unto God and were sealed for a specific purpose…

There is much, much, much talk about a “Rapture”…the majority of the Christian church, at least in America, believes that the church will be spared going through the Great Tribulation…that somehow, they will be TAKEN” lifted up in the clouds and into heaven with Jesus, and those that are not “Saved” will go through “Great Tribulation”…I say, REALLY? How is this so?…Two millenium have passed since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…and didn’t he say that the church would go through, “Much Tribulation”…he asked the apostles, “Can you bare the CUP that I bare? What is this CUP that he is referring to? Foolishness my friends, he laid his life down for you and was crucified and all of the twelve apostles died terrible deaths for their testimony of Jesus Christ, except for John, whom likewise was persecuted. For two thousand years now, the church has gone through great persecution and tribulation for the sake of preserving and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations…I would say that “Millions upon Hundreds of Millions” have forgone their death for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

In my opinion, the term, “Rapture”, is a fallacy…an erroneous infatuation of the mind that deceives us into believing that we are somehow unique and special and we will never be separated from the concept of the “Prosperity Gospel”…WRONG FALSE DOCTRINE ! I’m sorry to lay this truth upon you, but does anyone recall the Book of Job? People go around teaching about “Falling out in the Spirit”, Baptism by Fire…so stupid ignorant belief that by someone laying hands on you, and you falling backwards, that you are “Slain in the Spirt”… Yes, I would say, You’re slain alright…Slain by the Spirit of Satan the Devil to believe in him and his false doctrines and possessed of the devil himself…Speaking in strange tongues and babbling voodoo….Gibberish…that no sane human being can understand…Folks, you just plain scare me…

The Baptism by Fire is a baptism of your soul to chasten you, in the “Cup that Jesus Bore”…Like Job, you will be greatly persecuted, stripped of all that you have and your puffed up pride, to follow Jesus unto your death…I hate to tell you, it’s not going to be a “Cake Walk”…You will learn to walk in the “Will of God”…not your will…You will learn by “FAITH” to put your total trust in Jesus for all your needs and separate yourself from the Mammon of the World…For Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that is written…For no man can serve two masters, for he shall love the one and hate the other…Job lost all that he had, even his daughters, he was only left with his wife whom was his own flesh…he was greatly despised and persecuted by his friends as well, thinking that it was his sins that wrought him this great catastrophe…but no, it was Satan who petitioned the Father in Heaven to test him that he would curse God…

The entire Old Testament from Adam through Abraham, Moses, to David was a blueprint and forerunner to the final fulfillment of the return of Jesus Christ and the Book of Revelation. Forget the term “Rapture”, the true understanding is “Harvest”…There are four harvest festivals and the first began with the “Wave Sheaf Harvest”, Jesus Christ himself, representing the First of the First Fruits…He was “Waved before the Lord”, on the Morrow after the Sabbath, when he was raised from the dead…for our liberation and salvation…just like the Israelites fled from Egypt following the Passover meal the next day, the very next day, they crossed the Red Sea and entered into the Wilderness, the Morrow after the Sabbath…In like manner, the Israelites marched around the city of Jericho for six days and carried the “Ark of the Covenant” before them…on the “SEVENTH DAY” the final day, they sounded the trumpet and the walls came tumbling down and they went “UP” into the city…they crossed over the river Jordan and entered into the Promised Land… and they ate of the “Old Corn of the land and the New Corn of the land on the SELFSAME DAYin like manner, the disciples partook of the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Selfsame day upon Jesus “CRUCIFIXION”…NOT on HIS RESURRECTION as most believe!

Jesus being the First of the Firstfruits, we can not proceed before him…it was forbidden to eat of the new barley harvest which were tender green ears of new barley heads until after the wave sheaf was offered…they were like a delicacy…the barley wasn’t completely ripe until about Seven Weeks after the wave sheaf was offered during the Passover week…this period of seven weeks represents the period of time to fulfill the Barley Harvest…bringing us up to the time of the 50th Day, the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost, the giving of the Holy Spirit…Barley was continued to be harvested during that time period as in the Book of Ruth, who was gleaning on the edges of the field during that time and Boaz, the grandfather of King David, later married her…The Barley harvest is significant as it represents the 144,000 or the 12 tribes of Israel as described in the Book of Revelation…

As we read in John 6:4 And the Passover,  a feast of the Jews, was nigh. This starts the event where Jesus fed 5,000 with five barley loaves and two small fishes…after they had completely eaten and been filled and satisfied, Jesus commanded his apostles to gather up all the fragments, that nothing would be lost…hmmmm interesting…just like during the very first Passover, all of the lamb must be eaten, that nothing remain of it, and anything left should be burnt…In John 6:13 Therefore they gathered them “up”, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which were left by those who had eaten… Matthew 14:21 And they that had eaten were about 5,000 men, beside women and children. The twelve baskets represents the twelve tribes of Israel that were sealed in the Book of Revelation 7:4-8…the angel was commanded to hurt not the earth until the 144,000 were sealed in their foreheads…likewise in Revelation 14: 3-4, And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were “redeemed” from the earth. These were they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb… These represent the Firstfruits of the Barley Harvest unto God, chosen out of the twelve tribes of Israel…(Don’t confuse them with the Jews of today in Israel…) Note, those that were fed were those following Jesus in the wilderness wherever he went…

Revelation 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, a quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarious, and do not harm the oil and the wine. Hmmmm? Could this not be what most consider as the “Black Horse” representing a famine, but a paid for redemption by Jesus Christ?

The third harvest is the Wheat Harvest, the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost…We see in Matthew chapter 15 that Jesus was again with his disciples in a wilderness place…and a woman from Canaan (a Gentile Woman) came unto him asking to be healed…and Jesus proceeded and ignored her…and his disciples asked of him, to send her away and Jesus told them that he was there only for the “Lost sheep of the House of Israel”…again she fell down and worshiped at his feet and he answered her by saying that it wasn’t meet, (or proper) to give the bread of his children and cast it unto dogs (the gentiles) …but the woman replied, “Don’t even the dogs eat of the crumbs from the master’s table?….and Jesus praised her for her great faith and proceeded to heal her daughter of a devil…

As Matthew 15 continues and unfolds, another great multitude is once again following Jesus into the wilderness…and he proceeded to heal them…apparently they had been following him for now 3 full days and he had compassion on them as they had not eaten for that long and he couldn’t just send them away hungry and fasting…In this instance his disciples said, but we only have Seven Loaves of BREAD and a Few Fishes…so Jesus proceeded to bless and multiply the bread and fishes and 4,000 men plus women and children were fed…and Seven baskets full were taken up of the fragments…Notice, on this occasion, the bread was not barley, but described as simply loaves…the loaves were leavened loaves of Wheat bread…we are now into the Feast of Weeks, or Wheat harvest…The seven baskets that were taken up represented the Seven Churches of Revelation, or the Gentiles…remember the woman, the Gentile woman who asked for the crumbs of the table? The Church of the New Testament, the Woman…and for those who wonder as in John 2:4…when Jesus addresses his mother as it would seem somewhat harshly, “Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.”….It is my interpretation that in this instance, he is likening the term “Woman” as unto the Church…and she was asking for a miracle to be performed before her time to be born at his death and resurrection…

There remains one final harvest, The Feast of Ingathering or Tabernacles, otherwise known as the Feast of Booths…this festival is at the end of the year, in the Hebrew calendar it begins on the 15th day of the Seventh month and lasts for 8 full days…the first day begins with a Sabbath, a feast day and the 8th day ends with another Sabbath, a day of feasting…This festival is significant of bringing in the Oil and the Wine… The grapes and the olives are all harvested therefore, we have the New Oil and the New Wine… Again, Revelation 6:6….and do not harm the oil and the wine…lets go back to Revelation 12: 17…. Satan was wroth with the woman and went after the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God… Hmmmm, you know, I always found this rather odd that the church refers to itself as the Remnant….Why? I’ve done a great deal of sewing in my lifetime and when you get done making a garment, the fabric that is
“Left Over”, is referred to as a “Remnant”….

Now lets proceed back to Revelation 7:9…After this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands…vs 13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, what are these which are arrayed in white robes? And whence came they? Vs 14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Now lets look at Revelation 15: 2 – 3 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over the image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty: just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

The “Great Multitude are those in the Final Ingathering Harvest…the Remnant that Satan goes after that Keep the Commandments of God…they will be going through “Great Tribulation”…these are those that are the five (5) sleeping virgins, who are not paying attention and looking for the signs of the time…the ones who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior but are backsliding, listening to their lame pastors…not reading their Bibles…and living with one foot in church and the other in the world…It’s going to be a great wake up call for them…The song of Moses is not the same song that the 144,000 were singing, as no one could learn that song except for the 144,000….

The Book of Revelation is very difficult to pin point and lay out exactly what happens when…but, I find it interesting that there are exactly 22 chapters and the very middle of Revelation ends with Revelation 11:19, at the end of the 7th Trumpet, and Chapter 12 begins the second half of Revelation and begins with the Woman fleeing into the wilderness…the Church…Now why is this so significant…because we are told that the Dead in Christ are supposed to Rise first…In Revelation 11:19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the “ark” of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings and an earthquake, and great hail…The “ARK” is significant and sacred…The ark is symbolic, just as in the day of Noah, that it is the “Door” and means of Salvation…first to the Jew and then to the Gentile…the door closed, the rain came down and the Ark ROSE UP…the Ark of the Covenant carried the tablets of the Law of Moses and some sacred vessels…if anyone came in contact with it, that person would be struck dead…the ark always proceeded them into battle, if I recall, and preceding the children of Israel going into the Promised Land, they marched around the city of Jericho for seven days…the ark proceeded the Israelites…on the final day, on the 7th Trumpet was blown….Joshua 6:5 And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram’s horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout: and the wall of the city shall fall down flat, and the people shall “ ascend up” every man straight before him.

It is my observation or opinion, that the 144,000 that are chosen by the Father, the Israelites…will proceed the Church, the Woman in the First harvest, the Barley harvest…representative of the 12 Baskets that were taken up…the church, Being the Woman, will flee into the wilderness to a place prepared by God and be nourished there for three and a half years…That is the second harvest and represents the Wheat harvest, or Pentecost….the loaves have leaven, as in comparison that the barley loaves did not have leaven…they were pure…The Woman represents the 5 virgins who have their lamps full with oil…they are prepared and watching…she brings forth the man child…she represents the gentile nations…she represents the seven churches…she, like the 144,000 are redeemed with a price…the Oil and the Wine represent the final feast or Harvest of Ingathering…those are the remnant of the Woman who keep the commandments and Satan is going unleash his wrath upon them…It’s also quite possible that the 144,000 will in part be the Laborers who go out into the final harvest…that they will go two by two…like the 70 that Jesus sent out to teach the gospel, as he first sent 70 and then 2 more…I believe that they will be given great powers…may actually even be considered one of the two witnesses…and the church being the other witness…the Old Covenant and the New Covenant together as Israel and the Church…as they will be teaching for three and a half years…during the tribulation period…

So there you have it:

Wave Sheaf Offering, first harvest…the First of the First Fruits to Raise from the dead, Jesus Christ.

Barley Harvest – Firstfruits of the Barley, not to proceed the Wave Sheaf…the 144,000, 12,000 chosen from the 12 tribes…Unleavened bread – sing a song that no man can know

Wheat Harvest – Pentecost – The Woman, the Church – with Leaven loaves – flees into the Wilderness for 3 and a half years…

Feast of Ingathering Tabernacles – oil and wine, remnant of the seed of the Woman, will go through Great Tribulation…Sing the Song of Moses, wash their robes white – a number that no man can number….


Author: newgenesisconnection

I'm a "Born Again Christian" a disciple of the truth and an Ordained Minister...I was baptized nearly 30 years ago and as my testimony, I can only say that I was very rebellious in every way...and then the day came after a periling experience at sea for over two weeks on a sailing experience where my life was in the balance, something reconciled in my spirit...Prior to my baptism, I wrestled with reading the Bible, didn't pray about anything and only thought about the pleasures and goals of every-day life...after my baptism, things began to change, and not of myself...It was like a switch was turned on...I couldn't stop reading the Bible and it became "Clear to Me"...things popped out of the words and I kept searching further...God lead me to topics that encouraged me to dig deeper into the Word...cross reference of subjects...without any effort on my part, all of a sudden, the entire Bible was covered...God is a Deep Passion...he reveals things to those who ASK...ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE...No one can understand the Bible without first accepting Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son as your Savior, who died to redeem you from this world and from your sins...Once you accept him, he gives you this gift, "HIS HOLY SPIRIT" He lives within you and his Spirit Speaks to Your Spirit and Leads you in all things...IT'S REAL MY FRIENDS...I'ts Supernatural... God Bless, In Jesus Name

17 thoughts on “Is There a RAPTURE? – THE TRUTH

  1. Rapture can only occur on the Day of Trumpet. In the Tanakh, it is called gathered. Matthew 24:31 uses the word “gather”.

  2. Read the Bible for the first time in my 50’s and heard the Church and friends talk of this Rapture doctrine, but I could never find it there. I see no pretrib rapture never did and never will no matter how many pre-trib rapture believers try to explain exactly where it is in the Bible. It is just very simply not there.

    • Hello Mr. Anonymous, I am curious as to what you may think of the disappearance of Enoch who was (taken) by God before the time of Noah’s Flood. And then the catching up of Elijah, who was taken while walking with Elisha. Please keep in mind that Enoch was NOT seen, whereas Elijah was seen by Elisha. Peace!

    • From what I understand, the pretrip rapture belief started somewhere hundred or 200 years ago and was never taught by the early church. Although I look at the book of Revelation and look at the book of Exodus and see many parallels of the 10 plagues that happened in Exodus and will happen again in revelation. This leads me to wonder if they’ll will again be a mass exodus of those who are worthy to escape the great tribulation… The difference between the wise virgins with oil and the ones were not paying attention and watching the circumstances of the end times

    • Here’s two rapture verses you may not have seen: “And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here.’ And they ascended to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them.” (Rev. 11:12) AND “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.'” (Rev. 18:4) Most folks who affirm a rapture have never seen these verses either–so you’re not alone.

      • Thanks for sharing, yes, the Rapture of Revelation 11:12…I don’t think I missed it, as I interpreted Revelation 12:19, that the Ark of the Testament & seen in Heaven…These are the Two Witnesses….But I believe this is The first rapture of Israel and Judah and the 12 tribes and the New Testament Christians that were pure as in the church of Philadelphia and followed the lamb wherever he went… So much information. Also we’re looking at the fact that Revelation 11 is the very middle point of the book of Revelation and Revelation 12 also starts out with the woman fleeing into the wilderness. I tend to look at the book of Revelation is a Scroll that is rolled out from the middle of two scrolls going into directions and the first role in the second roll from the middle are like mirrors of one another and what is so confusing is that the left side in the right side are happening simultaneously with one another. This is only my thoughts on the subject because it’s almost impossible to figure out a sequence in the book of Revelation. It is past present and future somethings are already occurred somethings are occurring and somethings are yet to occur. But I look at it in the middle of it at the end of Revelation 11 in the beginning of Revelation 12 as a one time thing happening at the same time, if that makes any sense to you…

        • Shalom, you are correct that they repeat each other on the two halves. Rev. 12:1 always occurs in Heaven on the first sliver of the new moon in September called Rosh Hashanah (Rosh Chodesh and Day of Trumpet). Woman clothed with the Sun in 2017 and the moon below her feet on Day of Trumpet is seen by either two ways. It is the middle of the 7 years, which there is not, or it is the end. I am suggesting it is the end of humanity and Armageddon.
          Check out the articles here: dream egypt and nibiru.html.

          Rev 14:20+; 15; 16/19 covers Armageddon at Day of Atonement. According to the Feasts of the Lord model taught in many Jewish Messianic Churches is that the Day of Trumpet is the Second Coming and 10 days later on Day of Atonement is Armageddon. Then we have 5 days of grace and the Messianic Kingdom begins on the Feast of Tabernacles. If you don’t believe me, call the pastor at Olive Tree Jewish Messianic Church in Albuquerque, NM.

          The first four trumpet judgments accoding to Mark Biltz or Jonathan Cahn is tied to Day 3-6 of Genesis 1.
          Rev 2:10 according to Jim Staley on 10 days of Tribulation is the Day of Trumpet to Day of Atonement which is called the Days of Awe.

          David L. Sterns Jewish NT Commentary is a good source of information on Revelation.

  3. Very interesting post sister. I have been studying revelation for many years myself and have come to realize that almost every student of scripture has there own interpretation. Some may be similar and some are quite different. I find it quite fascinating myself when I come across one like this, because it is very different from what I am used to reading. I really liked the parallels you used in the two feedings in the gospel accounts (5000) and (4000). I love to study typology as well as prophetic interpretations. I will try and send you a teaching in the near future. Many Blessings!

    • Thanks for your response….sorry I didn’t respond earlier, don’t always check my comments because I rarely have any….LOL…The Father revealed this to me nearly 30 years ago and I have waited a very long time to receive confirmation on my understandings….God Bless….looking forward to your teachings….you can respond to me at

  4. Update for 2016 September. Some teach that this September will be Armageddon. I don’t believe so but I believe 2017 Sept. being Armageddon. You already have Feast Dates and Second Coming part 4, I think, unless your mail box was so full that the 3 megabytes was rejected.
    Check Jardalkal articles for updates.

    Dream October 28, 2016 (Marianne’s page).

    Using Stellarium, Sun and Mercury are conjoined in Virgo. Moon and Jupiter are in Virgo. Venus and Saturn are in Scorpio. Ophiuchus is crushing them with his left leg, Mars is in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Pisces moving from the horizontal line and moving to the vertical line. Today it is on the horizontal line.

    I compile Biblical Astronomy notes on constellations and then the location of planets in those locations to come up with the interpretation.
    So I will just use the planets information.

    Virgo: Sun: Christ, Bridegroom (Psa 19:4-6); Clothing of Israel as mother of Christ (Rev 12:1); Believer’s Resurrection clothing (1 Pet 1:8). Mercury: Virgin birth of Savior (Isa 7:14; Matt 1:25); birth of children (Gen 4:1; Job 14:1); Rachel’s children (Jer 31:15; Matt 2:18). Moon: Glory of woman (1 Cor 11:7, 15); Woman’s retinue, attendants, maids (Ge 16:1; 35:8; Psa 45:14). Jupiter: Christ, Bridegroom of Israel & Church (Is 54:5-8; 62:4, 5; Hos 2:19; 2 Cor 11:2; 1 Pet 2:9); power over peace (Rev 6:4); World peace & prosperity (Millennium); powerful woman (SOS 6:4, 10), woman ruler (Judg 4:4), woman war-god.

    Scorpio: Venus: Satan cast down to Earth (Isa 14:12); Evil king; Satan’s attack on Second Advent; Herald of Satan, a demon. Satan’s fall, leading to his doom; His attempt to rule the world without Israel in a false Millennium.
    Saturn: Final Judgment (Matt 25:41; Rev 20:7, 11-15); Liar, doctrines of demons, false prophet, enemy, apostate.

    Saggitarius: Mars: Bloody city (Na 3:1), army (Rev 14:20), plague (1 Chron 21:14-15); holocaust (Ge 9:24); fire arrow (Psa 7:13; Zech 9:14; Eph 6:16), Conspiracy against Christ 

    Uranus in Pisces: Christ Intercessor (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:24-25; 9:24), priest, Throne of Grace (Heb 4:16), prophet/pastor (2 Ki 20:1, 5)

    Yeshua/Jesus is King at this time in the Messianic Kingdom. The believer’s at this time have already been resurrected. The bride is supping with the groom. Satan is at war against Yeshua during the bowl judgments. Satan is being tossed into the bottomless pit for 1000 years (Rev 20:7, 11-15). So now we come to the day of separating the sheep nations from the goat nations (Matt 25:41). The goat nations are pouring out their blood. The bowl judgments are poured out on the earth to judge mankind.

    SHMILY See how much I Love You

  5. Joh 6:3 And Jesus went up into a mountain, and there he sat with his disciples.
    Joh 6:4 And the passover, a feast of the Jews, was nigh.
    Joh 6:5 When Jesus then lifted up his eyes, and saw a great company come unto him, he saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?

    Passover was coming but not now. Big issue because this was not in the original documents. The passover was added by the Catholic Church to make people to believe He had a 3.5 year ministry. The Catholics love to change times and seasons. With this verse of John 6:4, we now have the first introduction to Replacement Theology.

    4. And the passover, a feast of the Jews, was nigh. Not in Manuscripts 472 and 850. This verse was added in the third century by the Roman Catholic Church. This is the second of three Passovers mentioned by John, and the only on Yeshua spent in Galilee. Controversy of Eusebius 300+CE.
    Origen (3rd Century) and Eusebius (4th Century) as the earliest sources for the idea that Jesus’ ministry was three and a half years.

    The first one to mention a three-year ministry might have been Origen (changing his mind!) in ‘Commentary on Matthew’ (Book XXIV), written late in his life, but Eusebius (early 4th cent.) was the first to argue for it.
    In his ‘Demonstratio Evangelica’ (published before 311) VIII, 106, 8, Eusebius stated, “the whole period of our Savior’s teaching and marvel-working is recorded to have been three years and a half, which is half of a week [reference to the book of Daniel, seen here as containing prophecies about Jesus! Look here in order to understand it is not the case!]. This, I take it, John the Evangelist accurately establishes by his presentation in the gospel.”
    He then erroneously stated (in order to demonstrate the ministry was less than four years!), “Since, then, he (Jesus) began in the high priesthood of Annas [!!! Annas was high priest during 7-13/14C.E.] and continued to the reign of Caiaphas the intervening time does not extend to a full four years [WRONG: this time can be as long as 29 years (7-35C.E.) and cannot be shorter than 12 years (14-26C.E.)].” (‘History of the Church’ (published 311-325) I, 10, 2)
    Later in the same book (III, 24, 11) Eusebius explained John’s gospel covers a longer period than the others, but did not mention three years.
    Finally, in his ‘Chronicles’ (published 325) he ascribed the crucifixion to the eighteenth year of Tiberius, basing himself on an eclipse and the false claim that, “It is written [in John’s gospel] that after the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar the Lord preached three years.”
    Note: Eusebius repeatedly claimed that John’s gospel represents a three-year ministry, but he offered no specific arguments. It seems the three-years came from the O.T, that is the book of Daniel.

    The belief in a three year ministry for Jesus came later than the support for a one- or two-year ministry. It is found in Origen, who originally supported a one-year ministry. In about mid third century he wrote “about three years of the Lord’s Preaching,” which he related to half the week in the prophecy of Daniel (Com. in Mt. XXIV 15:40). Other support was scant at that time.

    In the fourth century Eusebius was the first to argue support for a three-year ministry. He first erroneously stated, “Since, then, he (Jesus) began in the high priesthood of Annas and continued to the reign of Caiaphas the intervening time does not extend to a full four years.” (Ecclesiastical History I 10:2) In his Chronicles he ascribed the crucifixion to the eighteenth year of Tiberius. He based this on a misunderstanding of an eclipse and the false claim that, “It is written (in John) that after the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar the Lord preached three years.”1 Finally, in his Demonstratio Evangelica (VIII 106-8) he stated, “the whole period of our Savior’s teaching and marvel-working is recorded to have been three years and a half, which is half of a week. This, I take it, John the Evangelist accurately establishes by his presentation in the gospel.” In his Eclogue Propheticae (III 46) he further wrote, “Therefore it is written, `and in the midst of the week shall be taken away sacrifice and libation’; and it is clear that with the Passion was forcibly taken from them sacrifice and libation, when according to the Evangelical Scripture ‘the veil of the Temple was rent from the top to the bottom’.”2 Eusebius claimed that John’s gospel represents a three-year ministry, but he offered no specific arguments. He did not suggest John 5:1 as a fourth Passover. However, the popularity of a three-year ministry has grown to be all-encompassing in the intervening centuries.

    Yeshuas’ ministry lasted about one year, see early church fathers writings such as Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen and Lactantius. It was Eusebius , in the 4th century who brought this 3 1/2yrs trying to force the Daniel prophesy of chapter 9. See catholic Encyclopedia : chronology of the life of Jesus Christ, relative chronology, the public life of Jesus: it’s duration; new


    Archaeologists generally date the start of Christ’s ministry to the year A.D. 27. “The beginning of Jesus’ public ministry,” writes archaeology professor John McRay, “is dated by synchronisms [chronological arrangements of events and people] in the Gospel of Luke (3:1-2). A date of A.D. 27 seems likely . . . The dates mentioned by Luke are rather well established . . .” ( Archaeology and the New Testament, 1997, p. 160).

    Michael Rood Chronological Gospel information pp 3-7 Fatal Errors

    Even “church” father and historian for the first three centuries either clearly stated, or never contradicted, the Yeshua’s ministry was “about one year.”

    Passover occurs in the spring, on the fourteenth day of the first month (the month of the aviv barley, Exod 23:15). The eating of the Passover lamb also begins the seven-day Feast of Unleavend Bread, before which all leavened bread must be destroyed. Leavened bread must not be found in any part of the land of Israel until after the Feast is concluded (Exod 12:19). This i also one of the three yearly pilgrim Feasts for which all male Israelites are commanded to go up to Jerusalem (Deuteronomy 16:16). One must examine the Scriptures to find out whether or not leaven has been excluded, or travels to Jerusalem have been undertaken, during this time period.
    The Gospel narratives clearly show us that Yeshua did not go up to Jerusalem for the “passover” referred to in the modern versions of John 6:4. Instead of keeping a Feast in Jerusalem, Yeshua assembled thousands of Israelites on a hillside in Galilee and fed them with leavened barley loaves (Jn 6:9), which would have been a blatant violation of Torah if this were truly the time of Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. Two days later, Yeshua taught anther large assembly in the Capernaum synagogue who also did not go up to “passover” in Jerusalem. Instead significance of the Day of Trumpets (Jn 6:28-59). That year, Yom Teruah (the Day of Trumpets) coincided with the close of the Sabbath at the end of the sixth month ( 27CE #6/7). Yeshua was expounding on the prophetic significance of the Feast of Trumpets that would commence at sunset on that very day. Three days after his Sabbath teaching in Capernaum, Yeshua assembled another group of nearly four thousand men and fed them with another Divinely multiplied store of leavened barley loaves (Matt 15:32-39, Mk 8:1-9). On this occasion, a group of Pharisees from Jerusalem had arrived in the Galilee to confront Yeshua and his followers on the issue of breaking the rabbinic takanot (man-made laws) that concerned their ceremony of hand washing before eating bread. In this incident, even the ultra-orthodox Pharisees showed no concern about keeping a Feast in Jerusalem, but were themselves in the Galilee during this phantom “passover” to investigate the reports that Yeshua was teaching his disciples to disobey the invented rules and religious regulations of the rabbis.
    During the following two weeks, Yeshua began his journey to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles, which occurs exactly six months before Passover (John 7:2-10). Eveery Gospel author clearly shows that he never did go up to Jerusalem for the phantom passover indicted in Jn 6:4. Furthermore, is Passover really did occur in the sixth chapter of John, what did Yeshua do for the six months leading up to the “passover” of John 6:4 and for the other six months leading back to the Feast of Tabernacles in 7:1? Does it make sense that all four Gospel records are suddenly dead silent for an entire year? No!
    Those conversant in the Divine requirements concerning the Feasts know that either something is seriously wrong with the eight words of John 6:4.
    If the eight words of John 6:4 were not added by the Catholic Church, then Yeshua was in direct violation of the Torah–the very commandments he swore he did not come to destroy or change (Matt 5:17-20).
    If the eight words of John 6:4 were not added by the CC, then John has recorded prima facie (a case based on sufficient evidence to go to a jury) evidence that Yeshua cannot be the Messiah since he deliberately disobeyed the Torah and did not fulfill its mandatory commandments (Deut 4:2; 12:32; 13:1-5, 18:15-22).
    If the eight words of John 6:4 were not added by CC, then every Gospel account of the week-by-week ministry of Yeshua stops abruptly and is dead silent for an entire year–except for the phantom “passover” and the iniquitous “feast of leavened bread” supposedly celebrated in the Galilee.

    The addition of those eight words to the later texts of John’s Gospel artificially extended the ministry of Yeshua to build a foundation for replacement theology and preterist eschantology. In brief, replacement theology is the concept that Yeshua started a new religion that mysteriously replaced the eternal covenants with Israel. Preterist eschantology goes on from there to teach that all Scripture and prophecy (including The Revelation) were fulfilled by 70 CE, opening the door for “the vicar of Christ” to rule from his millennial throne in Rome. To support this position, it was necessary toa rtificially fulfill all seventy sevens of Daniel’s messianic prophecy, and it would take exactly seven more years after Yeshua’s ministry began to make this invented replacement Christology work. So a three-and-one-half-year ministry of Messiah was invented by Eusebius, and an additional three-and-one-half-year period was inserted-by-interpretation from the book of The Acts to giv Eusebian dogmas theological credence. The support for this doctrine, however brilliant, was manufactured out of thin air of fourth century Constantinian theology.
    Eusebius claimed to have deduced this 3.5 year ministry from John’s Gospel without ever providing proof for such a claim. In fact, he contradicted over three hundred years of undisputed testimony from the eyewitnesses, their disciples, and the two hundred years of historians following them such as Clement of Alexandria, Tetullian, Origen, and Lactaantius, early “church fathers” of the second and third centuries, as well as Filastrius, Gaudentius, Evagrius, Orosius, Ephrem and a half dozen other theologians cited by the Catholic Encyclopedia under “Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ,” who concurred that the Messiah’s ministry lasted about one year. Eusebius’s assertion was based on onthing more than his own interpretation of Daniel’s seventy week prophecy (Dan 9:24-27), a prophecy that even Isaac Newton was unable to accurately decipher. Rome’s indisputable authority was the sole basis for demanded obedience to this heretical Eusebian eschatological dogma–and yet the Catholic Encyclopedia clearly acknowledges that Eusebius was the sole progenitor of the pompous scholarly dogmatic opinion or judgment.
    Catholic Encyclopedia: Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ, Relative Chronology, The public life of Jesus; its duration;
    The forged “passover” statement of John 6:4 introduces “another jesus,” as Paul coined the phrase: a religious renegade who starts a new cult in the Galilee by deliberately violating the Almighty’s Divine instructions to Moses and teaching others to do the same (Matt 5:20). The “jesus” who was introduced with the eight words of John 6:4 is not the Messiah who came to fulfill the Torah, but rather an invented false messiah-a Hellenized christ who built the house of replacement theology and treated the commandments with disdain. This “another jesus” is definitely not the Messiah we were instructed to expect, but rather one of the false prophets we were warned to reject! Moses told us clearly and repeatedly that no one is ever allowed to add to, or to subtract one single commandment from, the Torah (Deut 4:2, 12:32). Moses also cautioned us that if a prophet were to perform signs and wonders–yet teach us to disregard that which the Creator had already instructed us at Mount Sinai–we were not to heed him. We were forewarned that the Almighty would supernaturally empower false prophets in order to determine whether Israel would keep his commandments–as we promised we sould–or follow the deceiving performers of miracles who preach a perverted redefinition of law and grace (Deut 13:1-5, 18:15-22). This “another jesus” is not Yeshua of Nazareth, but an invented entity that only exists in the fertile imaginations of modern day religionists and the adherents to Eusebian eschantology.

  6. He was “Waved before the Lord”, on the Morrow after the Sabbath, when he was raised from the dead…for our liberation and salvation…just like the Israelites fled from Egypt following the Passover meal the next day, the very next day, they crossed the Red Sea and entered into the Wilderness, the Morrow after the Sabbath…

    Wrong but right. They crossed the marshlands on the next day after the Passover Sabbath on the left side of the 2 seas. They traveled 5.6 miles per day. At Succoth before the crossing of the left side, they picked up the cloud and fire (Succoth). When they stopped for the day to camp.People who did not have tents dugged holes to sleep in and if that person died in the night, they buried him/her and kept walking. They crossed the Wilderness of Sin/Sinai and then went down a ravine and entered the Gulf of Aqaba on the 39th/40th day. They crossed the Gulf on a dry land bridge. On either side of the land bridge, the depth is a mile deep.

    They then went across the Wilderness of Sinai (Ex 14:2) through canyons of wadi’s.

    Some suggest Etham to be near Sea of Aqaba. From Etham, there is 40 miles between Etham and Nuweiba Beach down the Wadi Watir.

    John Ashcraft Jesus in 2015-2017.. Folder: Exodus.

  7. I loved your fresh approach to the rapture and you have come to realize that Revelation is a copy of Leviticus 23. So lets bring you up to date. Chapter 12-16 covers the Second Coming in the year of Jubilee (2016-2017). Rev. 12:1-2 is the Woman clothed with the Sun in 2017 (Virgo and Leo). Rev. 14:20ff is wheat and the tares. Rev. 15 is Day of Atonement typology. Rev. 16/19 is Armageddon on Day of Atonement. Rev. 19 is also the Marriage Supper or Messianic Kingdom 5 days after Armageddon because there is 5 days of grace in between. Believers are married on the Day of Atonement. The believers are gathered on the Day of Trumpet and come with Yeshua to watch Armageddon.
    Rev. 8-11 is Day of the Lord. Rev 12-16 is the Second Coming. Rev. 8 begins on Day of Trumpet in the 49th Shemitah year (2015-2016).
    Johnny Appleseed John Ashcraft Jesus in 2015-2017.

    Rev 2:10 Ten days of Tribulation is Days of Awe between Day of Trumpet and Day of Atonement.

    • Thanks John, just came upon your comment…I haven’t had many interested people commenting so far… But I have studied this for over 30 years and as I keep coming back, now I’m getting confirmation from other believers of the same understanding. God bless

  8. Sadly few shall listen instead wanting “I shall fly away”
    Good article

    • Thanks, It’s taken me a while to reduce this to a somewhat understandable explanation of what the harvest festivals and final harvests are all about…I don’t write these things, I re-read them and wonder sometimes…I write very seldom, but when I do, it just comes effortlessly….

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