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Eat of The Fruit of The Tree of Life

Don’t Delay, Begin your Journey Today to Everlasting Life and the

Fulfillment of God’s Plan for you 

The beginning of this world began with Genesis….thus springs forth The Genesis Connection…linking the world in all it’s splendor and abundance and the creation of mankind on the sixth day with one single command, to be fruitful and multiply…Man and woman was created in God’s own image and God saw that “It was Good” and it was there in the garden that God took great pleasure to share the company of Adam and Eve in the cool of the day, in the morning and evening…

There in the garden, two manner of trees grew and flourished amongst all of other trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil…and by the fruit of these two completely opposite trees begins the journey and outcome of mankind’s destiny, for the next 6,000 years…You see, God had a plan from the beginning of Genesis through Revelation, and the thread and the theme of his ultimate plan began before Adam and Eve ever chose to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil….Those two trees in the garden represented two manner of Kingdoms and two manner of rulers, “The Kingdoms of This World” & “The Kingdom of Heaven”….

Two manner of laws are represented by these kingdoms, “The Law of Sin and Death” and “The Law of Everlasting Life”…and the two distinct rulers were “The Son of Man” spoken of by John in John 1:1-2… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God., The same was in the beginning with God.”…and the second ruler, “The Prince of this World”, Satan the Devil….

Thus, when Adam sinned by partaking of the Tree of Good & Evil, he made his fateful decision to choose the Prince of this World and serve under the Law of Sin & Death…And as Jesus clearly said in Matthew 6:24, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other, You cannot serve God and mammon.” Satan represents all of the lusts and pleasures of this world and he will do anything he can to entice you to follow him…He enticed Eve and tricked her and then she convinced Adam that the fruit was indeed, good to eat…

It could have been an easy decision for Adam and Eve as God did not forbid of them to eat of the Tree of Life…but why didn’t they…it was there the entire time…you would have thought that they would have tried it first…but for some reason, apparently it didn’t seem as appealing to them, but they would have lived forever…but instead, they chose to eat of the Tree of Good and Evil…and God had no choice but to remove them from the garden, else they might eat of the Tree of Life & live forever as sinful creatures…

The Tree of Life is Everlasting Life…God does not break his promises…once partaken of, you can not and will not die!….God is life and he has lived forever, and he and his only begotten son, the Son of Man, was with him from the beginning and is yet alive to this very day…The Son of Man, Jesus, the Messiah, is called or referred to as the “Hand of God”…One Body, just as the Christian Church is referred to as “The Body of Christ”, and considered like Adam’s wife Eve, to be the Bride of Christ, betrothed to Christ as his Bride, who is perfecting herself for the last day when Jesus returns to collect his bride unto him…

Unlike Adam, who was created, the Son of Man was born out of the Bosom of God himself…out of his own presence of Life, equal to and identical to God himself…thus the two are in essence, ONE BODY, not two Gods, for as Jesus declared, “If you have seen me, you also have seen my Father in Heaven“…Just like God created Adam and formed Eve out of Adam’s rib…(Adam’s bosom)…Adam and Eve were one flesh, inseparable,  Husband and Wife, Man and Woman, for out of Man, God created WomanGod is Spirit and requires no fleshly body and it is therefore the Spirit of God that lives forever…therefore it was the fleshly body of Jesus that died on the cross for our sins…and his dead fleshly body that was raised up again after three (3) days when the Living Spirit of God, entered back into it…

After the creation of Adam, it took 4,000 years to fulfill God’s plan and make a New Testament for all of those of mankind to inherit the original opportunity of receiving the Promise of Everlasting Life…In order to make a “Covenant”, there is the requirement first of Blood and a Sacrifice, that the testator, must first be dead in order for the Covenant to be put into force…Thus, Jesus, the very Son of God, willingly laid down his own life for those that desired to LIVE FOREVER into Eternity with him…

Jesus is the New Covenant of His Testimony, that any man that believes in him and keeps his Commandments, will inherit Eternal Life…to repent of ones sins, (have great remorse and humiliation) and be emerged fully in water to once and for all, wash away ones sins through baptism…The bread of communion representing the flesh of Jesus who was crucified for you, and the wine, symbolic of the blood of the New Testament that was shed for the remission of your sins…At this point, we receive The Spirit of God that unites with our own Spirit, and we become the TEMPLE OF THE GOD LIVING GOD HIMSELF and his Spirit of God himself LIVES WITHIN US…


Are you Adam, who foolishly passed up eating of the Tree of Life and Died when he had it all from the very beginning?
When you become ONE WITH Christ Jesus, all that he has, you inherit and are considered a Son of God yourself…Our Good Father in Heaven wants to give you all that his very own Son has…This is why Jesus said, that we are
We as believers In Jesus Christ art not of This World
But are of the Kingdom of Heaven …


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  1. Awesome post. Everything you wrote resonated with me. I’m all for any anti aging tips and remedies. Take all the tips, remedies and supplements….combine with a positive mindset and you have a perfect formula. Just because we are over 50 doesn’t mean we have to get old. Still lots of living to do.

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